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The damp conditions which have buoyed expectations for Argentina’s corn and soybean output are causing headaches for growers too, in slowing early harvesting, with delays already evident in sunflower combining.
Unusually wet weather in Argentina has been viewed as, largely, beneficial for farmers, in ensuring enough moisture for good growth of corn and soybean crops, both of which could set all-time highs.
Russian oilseed crushing to hit record levels
Russian oilseed crushing will hit record highs next season, boosting vegetable oil exports, US government officials said.
The USDA’s Moscow bureau forecast oilseed crushing to rise thanks to an uptick in production, driven by larger sunflowerseed and soybean sowings, and increasing use of higher-yield soybean varieties.
And thanks to the rapid growth in oilseed crushing facilities, processors are well placed to deal with increasing crops.


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